Common repairs needed after a home inspection

Common repairs needed after a home inspection

The purpose of a home inspection is that the buyer can make a more conscious purchase decision after the inspector shows him the final report of the conditions of the house to buy. Commonly, no matter how new they are, all homes have some point of improvement or some repair to do. The inspection seeks to ensure that the house does not present significant complications, which could cost the buyer large amounts of money in the future.

What are the most common repairs made after a home inspection?

Plumbing: Some of the common plumbing-related problems include damage to structures from water and leaks. They are usually easy to solve problems.

Electrical system: a typical problem in the final report is the wiring system and its installation. A system that's not well maintained won't pass the inspector's test.

Roofing: the roof is one of the essential elements to check during a home inspection. Although with maintenance, it should not pose any problem, an abandoned shelter poses severe risks for the house's inhabitants. The inspector will look for loose shingles, signs of leaks, strange stains, and structural damage. Sometimes the roof requires repairs before the purchase.

Pests: mainly involves termites as they can produce considerable structural damage that requires repair in the future.

Doors and windows: They are one of the most manageable elements to repair after the final inspection report. It includes doors and windows that do not open correctly and those that are broken or significantly deteriorated. Its repair cost is low.

Although these are the common damages that need repair after the final report, a professional inspector is in charge of scanning for all the improvement points that the house for sale may have. The inspection also includes the internal infrastructure of the house, the sewer system, the ventilation system, asbestos, common areas, among others.

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